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hi I have a Mercedes slk(###) ###-#### with A B S light on in dashboard

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hi I have a Mercedes slk(###) ###-#### with A B S light on in dashboard ESB.



Hopefully i can help..


Generally if the ABS light does come on but the braking is performing then it very likly all it will be is a faulty wheel sensor nine out of ten it usually is and there fairly easy to replace.the ESP will be the electronic stability control this actuall works in conjunction with the abs or take if from it so if the abs system developes at faul then that wont work - Ideally you would need to have it diagnostically tested to be honest..this means retriving the faults or driving the vehicle whilst plugged in to determin where the problem is.either as suggested above a failed sensor/target ring or problem with the abs module some cases as far as sensor fault goes it might be a simple case of removal and cleaning of the sensor tip any rust or road dust build up on the sensor can sometimes cause that..something to bear in mind aswell as checking for wiring damage aswell as can be done first if prefered.but ideally in this situation you would be best getting it diagnosed first and see what checks you need to make or possible replacement...i do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for help are the sensors easy to find or locate iain.



Once you have the tyres off..then you will see a wiring lead held to the strut/and that follows leads to the hub.inner side of the disc/behind the backing plate..if you follow that lead/wire..then you should come to the sensor which is held with a single fixing/ aware some of these botls will be seized or lots of penetrating fluid/wd-40 around the fixing before trying to removal..but like i say above sometimes cleaning can work..but the ideal solution first would be to see what fault codes you have..if its a sensor then fine you can try that method above and see if that helps..if not then it likely the sensor is at fault itself or a problem picking up the signal from the target ring..depending on the fault codes you have..I do hope this helps further..

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