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Hey i have recently started having problem with my car when

Customer Question

Hey i have recently started having problem with my car when it comes to changing gears, at first it would grind when putting it into reverse, Now i can't even put it into First gear and have to start in second.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


First checks really.would be your gear change control selectors.these will be the arms/rods that come from under the gearstick and all the way to the gearbox itself,on these you either have rods or two cables depending so you need confrim which of the type you you will need to carefully check each joint end for wear or this can cause difficulty in gear selection in certain gears.An easy way to find out is to disconnect the link arms from the box and manaully select each gear at the gearbox end so your selecting the gears and not through the gearstick itself.If you find its easier to select gears that way.?then you can confirm the selector unit is at fault and not generally a fault in the gearbox itself internally wise...If its still the same selecting gears at the box end.then you may have a problem with the gearbox itself internally - Another cause for gradual loss of those gears could be an issue with the clutch control side operation ie:- maybe a weaking slave/clutch master cylinder not allowing the clutch to fully disengage or clear properly thus selecting reverse being an non sycro gear will crunch or not select at all and throughtime manifest in other gears.check the fluid reservoir for you clutch master cylinder is still full and hasn't fallen - if it has then you must have a leak,also check for any damp patches or leaks from around the clutch pedal where the master cylinder enters the car to connect to the pedal .the same check at the gearbox bellhousing and check the slave cylinder there too.- in addition the odd occasion re-bleeding the system again can help so that maybe something to try have done anyway too and see if that helps if it does then you know the issue must be either of the two cylinders at fault usually replaced in pairs..The last probable cause could be the clutch assembly is infact starting to wear out so that too would be something to bear in mind above all those checks above,if the bit point is quite high then that can be a good indication the clutch is wearing out - the clutch pedal adjusts as the clutch wears out so the higher the bite point the closer the clutch is becoming to be worn out if you need to force the pedal down to the floor then that can be a sign of problems with clutch release ie:- not fully disengaging thus you get difficulty in getting into gear or out of gear etc..Also try putting these gears in with the engine off..if its much easier or the problem isnt there but only surfaces with the engine on..then you likely have problem with the clutch release,clearance problem as above/clutch unit/release bearing the first checks really would be your selector side first and then progress with the other checks as above..however if you can't check these yourself.then i'm sure any good local reputable garage can check these items over for you..i do hope this helps