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Got my Skoda Roomster serviced couple months ago and had brakes

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Got my Skoda Roomster serviced couple months ago and had brakes replaced back and front including drums and discs.
Now I have a loutish noise thinks from engine area sounds a bit of a grind. Sound changes depending on the speed I am doing.
Could it be the brakes were not fitted correctly or does it sound something different?



Hopefully i can help..


Usually with any sort of speed related noise or a noise that changed ptich dpending on the speed of the car..then it most likely going to be drivetrain/transmission related or even as you say something binding or coming agains the disc surface or issue with the brakes somewhat..if its not there during standstill with the engine running/revved up then id say it going to be one of the either areas not so sure on the brakes being the problem unless something has been improperly fitted which i cant such certainly get it checked out all the same anyway..

as far as your description goes but without actually hearing id say you could be looking a possible wheel bearing these tend to wear and thus cause similar noise under speed or matches and changes with the speed..depending how would be simple case of spinning each wheel by hand and listen the mentioned noise aswell as feel for movement in the hub..sometimes a bearing if worn can run if you have digital infra red thermometer then check each wheel and see wither any produce any excess heat..I do hope this helps..
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok many thanks. Don't think Otis wheel bearings as advised couple weeks ago. Will take it in....bit of a sod really as part exchanging next week against new car agreed price but Skoda garage has not driven car so don't want to leave it