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Hi , I own a Renault master which I use for my building company

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Hi , I own a Renault master which I use for my building company .on cold mornings the cluch pedal wasn't returning back up to the usual position ,after a few pushes down it sprung back up and all was fine again .eventualy I had get the problem fixed so I phoned up my local van/ truck garage . They quoted me over the phone £800 and said it was the master cylinder but it was worthwhile getting the cluch replaced at the same time .when I picked the van up from the garage the owner told me "see how you get on with it as we weren't able to bleed the cluch properly due to the risk of breaking off the bleed nipple " I returned the van to the garage as I was having problems getting it into gear . They later sent me an additional bill for £220 and said that they had to buy a cluch bleeding kit which iI disputed ( but paid) as I thought that bleeding a cluch was included in fitting a cluch ?? Have I been ripped off??



Hopefully i can help..


Ok..Im not so sure why you would need the clutch changed if the master cylinder was at fault..the master cylinder is up/bolted at the bulkhead the actuator rod goes through that to the top of the clutch pedal..and all it does is via the hydraulic fluid in the line operate the slave cylinder at the gearbox or within the bell housing..if the pedal was stuck as such or suddenly falls to the floor could suggest the master cylinder and only really requires that replaced/the system re-bled and then see

if that improves the fault..doesn't generally mean the clutch assembly is at fault if you able to drive it at any other time when it sprung back up again during the problem you had..Also too you shouldn't have to buy or incur a bill from them to purchase a clutch bleeding kit to carry out a job on your vehicle...i do agree the bleeding of the clutch system would be part of the clutch replacement as if i recall on the these vans they have concentric slave cylinder (csc) or you could say a hydraulic release bearing which inside the bell housing which is replaced at the same time on any clutch sounds pretty much like they never bled it properly in the first stage and then charge you to buy a proper bleeder kit to have it re bled again..generally speaking nobody should have to incur charges for equipment so the garage to carry out the work can get a proper bleeder kit that does everything for well under £80 approx..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate
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