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I have a mercedes1997 E300tEst. When I put the key in it wont

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I have a mercedes1997 E300tEst. When I put the key in it wont turn . The battery was flat and is now fully chrged. I was removed from the car.there is a 5 ohm leak from the wires to the starter and the under seat fuse box. removing any of these fuses makes no difference. The same for the other two fuse sites. the doors were locked internally Before I put the key in. Under the bonnet the small front relay looks like it may have had a flash over from the relay swith to the swithed swich of the relay switch.fuse 19 appears to have blown sometime and been replaced There is a short Circuit between the hot side of the fuse holder and the 12 v Point as well as a short to Earth. The Cold sidehas a 5 ohm leak. the massof wires disapears downwards and I need to know where they appear in the car and likely Points for a short. I also need toknow likely causes of various shorts and how to physically follow the wires, and how to access them.
Hello and Welcome -

My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help/ advise you -

With this.. it seems you may well have two separate with the non starting of the engine - one with the parasitic power drain -if indeed that is a true drain. You need to know if the battery is truly draining or not - or is the drain you have mentioned a genuine draw - ie, for the systems that don't "sleep" - ie, alarm, clock, immobiliser etc -

IF you do find you have a definate power drain issue, then yes you could have a chaffed wire etc somewhere - but there is no "silver bullet" fix to that Im afraid - it really is a case of physically checking through - testing the wiring as you go - The wiring can break in the loom - or chafe etc - it really is a case of physically checking it through - laborious I know - but there is no other way.

I would suggest to concentrate at the moment on the non starting - Now you have a fully charged battery on, you can progress - You need to first check to see if you have any immobiliser issues and such like - and then of not, start by testing the earths - main earths - and power supply to the starter motor - both on the 12v permanent lug ( large connector on the starter )... and then 12v / battery voltage at the smaller terminal when the key is in the start position (only)

Once the car is running, you can then look back at the power drain issue if it truly has one - I would as above begin with getting it running first --

If there is anything more by all means get back to me and we can carry on...

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You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.
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