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What type of Oil do I need for Mercedes Benz A Class 160 (2002

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What type of Oil do I need for Mercedes Benz A Class 160 (2002 Reg) and can I relace it myself?


Hopefully i can help..

Can you supply registration number?

Too have you done oil changes before?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Car is a friend's, I have carried out Engine Oil Changes but not on Automatic gearboxes.

Car Engine is 1.6cc Diesel.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok. i wasnt aware it was the Auto box fluid you wanted to change..generally it isnt any differant to doing and engine oil change.but alot of these transmissions do rely when refilling and checking at certain temperatures to ensure you do have the correct level when the trans warm when a digital infra red thermometer would be required..the procedure is basically the same as per jacking up/axles stands and removal of the undertray if fitted below the engine/transmission.make sure its in park..Locate the sump section of the gearbox and locate the drain screw..and drain off into a clean drain tray.pour that drained off fluid in a marked measuring container so you know how much fluid came out - and how much to refill the transimission with - so basically refill with the same as you drained will never get "all" the oil out as most will still be in the torque converter....Once the fluids drained should ideally replace the filter which is located inside the sump have to remove the sump pan bolts 6 if i recall and lower the pan down slowly towards the drain tray as fluid will be still present in it..then you see the filter cartridge which pulls out and installs exactly the same way as removal "small bit of trans fluid around the seal" then clean out the sump pan..clean the pan magnet and remove old gasket..reinstall with new pan gasket and refit the sump plug with new washer..then refit the sump back upto the transmission all bolts tightend in a clockwise direction upto 8Nm - sump plug roughly 22Nm...once the pans installed/drain plug tight..then you need to locate the dipstick tube..i would say you locate that first before you go draining the sump just incase..remove the tamper proof top as in the digram below "you will need a new one or somepeople opt to require a dipstick in place of it..and refill via the dipstick tube with the new proper fluid with funnel/tube section or refilling pump to exactly the same quantity you drained out..once you've done that then..start up the engine and leave it for a few moments to idle in P - and check fluid with dipstick to ensure its correct..then run through the gears staionary until until warm - cold fluid level 30degc: 1.5-2.5cm
hot fluid level ~70degc: crtical that the level is correct during HOT as over filling can be known to cause issue with the transmission...once everything seems to be ok fluid wise no leaks etc the test run the vehicle..and that should be that..If you havent done one of these before then i would strongly suggest getting a garage to carry out the procedure..but if you have the proper tools/know how then it should be failry straight forward..just a case of ensuring the level is correct and the same is put in as per drained out including what came out the pan when dropped out..I do hope this helps..

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