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Recently purchased Citroen C3 2004.

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Hi there...I have recently purchased a Citroen C3 2004. I have noticed a single knock sound coming from the area around front drivers side wheel area.This happens when steering round corners only.

Additional info....It has a full service history up to 2011 and since then has done less than 10,000 miles. I understand that you should have service done at 10,000 miles or once a year whichever comes first. I would like to get a full service done in the not too distant future and then keep them up again but that could be a month or two away. I would appreciate any help as personal funds are a bit low at present to take to garage . The car was MOT's in February of this year and has since then completed in the area of 1000 miles.

I will note today if the knock happens on steering in just one direction if that helps to diagnose the possible problem.


Hopefully i can help..

If as you describe this happens under cornering/steering etc..then most obvious places to be checking here would be the front suspension set up on that side..there isnt alot to check as you only have the lower control arm/strut top mount aswell as the arb link to be checking..i would prob check that first the antiroll bar link and ensure the balljooints ends havent siezed and causing the knock to oiccur when the steering is turn as the move with the strut as the steering is turned..also a careful check of the bushing in particular on the lower control arm aswell as the ball joint for similar siezure/ other area to inspect is the steering rack and feel for any excess movement in the inner tie rod the rack itself aswell as the track rod end all has to be ruled out...but if like you say this only happens when the steering is shifted or when cornering then those areas above would be the best places to start making checks..i see you say its been mot'd fairly recently check up on advisories and see if anything is listed as a minor issue in regards ***** ***** end of the car..I do hope this helps....

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much for the very detailed response which i appreciate.

Since posting my query I have noticed that in addition to the single knock sound that there is a slight vibration when braking. Could this be related?

Is it safe to continue to drive whilst any of the possible issues remain unresolved? It may be few more weeks before funds will stretch to a garage visit.

Am i looking at costly repairs?

Hi..there thanks for your responce..


It possible if as above there is slight movement in the suspension parts/bushing you may feel a vibration under braking..the key is to have all those areas inspected carefully before undertaking any replacement jobs or aquiring parts etc..without actually getting in the air and check all these areas its hard to say what sort of costing your looking'll only know that once its been checked out.if it a lower control arm your looking at around £40-£50 roughly..and about hour fitting not a difficult job to replace these..but in the mean time i shouldnt see any reason why you can still use the car for commuting but wouldnt recommend long distance travel until these area have been inspected..i do hope this helps further