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Rob, ASE Certified Technician
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I own a Astra mk5 1.4 ecotec and toaday the engin management

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I own a Astra mk5 1.4 ecotec and toaday the engin management light came on the dash
when I looked under the bonnet I noticed that there was a breather pipe that goes from the air filter box towards the top of the engine then it splits into to on part goes to a part on the engine and the larger hose goes to the rocker cover and that hose is in two pieces and is split and curled could that be my problem Regards Chris.
Hi Chris.
This will cause a running issue as the split pipe will be drawing unmetered air into the induction .
Just after the air filter housing you have a sensor this is called the MAF mass air flow this meters the amount of air that goes into the engine and sends this info to the control module which will make adjustments to the fuel trim , as you have unmetered air into the engine the fuel trim will be incorrect .
I would replace this pipe .
if you still have issues after replacing the pipe then I can help you further.
regards rob
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rob

Thanks for the reply I now need to get a

crossover pipe to cam cover breather hose.

woyld this be the reason why the engin management

light come on?

Hi .
yes this likely to put the light in .
the oxygen sensor on the exhaust will trigger this light due to over or under fuelling because of the broken pipe and unmetered air entering the engine.
regards rob
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Rob You are a star!!! 10/10

You are welcome