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I recently had a new clutch in my MX5 Mk2 1800 . Since then

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I recently had a new clutch in my MX5 Mk2 1800 . Since then the engine warning light comes on again after a few miles. The tank is full of fuel


Hopefully i can help..

Did they mention at all what electrical connection they refered too?

How does the car run or perform since this occurs?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The car is running fine. Revs were for 60 mph when the light came on. I worry that the new clutch is properly fitted. Does it overheat I am a bit ignorant.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..No if it was overheating the clutch you certainly smell burning coming into the car - if the car seems to perform/gears select ok/no slipping as such ie:- good bite point..then the clutch will be fitted properly..if it wasnt then you would have all those issues as above i mention - the clutch assembly itself doesnt have any connection with the cars ECU as that whats happening here...the cars ecu is detecting a fault with one of the engine management sensors/wiring to those is suspect and causing loss of communication hence why the lamp comes up..If this happened shorlty after the clutch then they need to inspect all the wiring/connections which i see they have done already but they need to inspect them again the ones they removed to get the gearbox out etc..failing that they will require to retrive the faults from the ecu to see exactly what codes are being logged in the ecu to be able to move forward..I do hope this helps

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