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The. M I f light has come on on my d max le .what should I

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The. M I f light has come on on my d max le .what should I do


Hopefully i can help..

Just to clarify this is the MIL warning your seeing?

How does the car / engine run otherwise ? Does it start / run as it should?

Have you had any recent work carried out prior to this problem?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The car runs ok and no work has been done on it except servicing
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Starts and runs ok. No work as I only bought the vehicle 10/7/14

Hi.there thanks for your response.. you 'll maybe be aware the MIL is Malfunction indicator Light..basically a engine management warning - in other words means that the ecu has detected a problem with one of the sensors/lost communication or one of the components on the engine the ecu monitors or controls is out of spec/ it can cover a huge area of possibles as per the injections system.intake/emissions/engine timing etc..if it seems to runs ok then its possible this will likely be down to emissions related which there isn't really much you can do on a diy bases bar actually getting the the vehicle plugged in diagnostically to see what codes you've got and then take steps to check the areas these codes relate too..if thats something you can do then that would be best way forward..unless you can physically check each area on the engine including all electrical plugs.vac hoses etc for any obvious issues you can see..but ultimately you will need the codes the mean time as you do mention the cars seems to be performing ok it should be fine to drive but in all cases such as this above as per advised would be the best way forward..I do hope this helps

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