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Hey there. Got a local mechanic to do an oil change on my Vito

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Hey there. Got a local mechanic to do an oil change on my Vito 108d shortly after loads a blue smoke.
Noticed he'd overfilled. Drained excess off but still smoking. Changed oil myself again as he couldn't havedrained all old oil out. Still smokes a lot. Suggestions?
Was advised to run for a while to see if clears but no difference
The guy who did the original oil change says oil was very thick
Otherwise runs fine


Hopefully i can help..

If the oil was overfilled there is the risk that oil may have got into the pvc system "positive crank vent system,pipe work" it would be worth inspecting that - also too it may have found its way into the exhaust system,in a sense depending how much got in there you could run it unitl it eventually burns off or if prefered drop the whole system and clear it out in sections.high pressure hose - so all that has to be ruled out before anything else - like possible engine damage as per seals..also make a carefull inspection of all the intake pipe work aswell as the intercooler pipe circuit to turbo..for presense of oil.If oil was previously thick then it sounds like the oil has never been changed for a long time or the wrong grade was added to start with,usually running the engine upto temp can thin out the oil to make it easier to drain out.I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hey man just checked all that don't think made a difference. Noticed head gasket going now. Do you wrecken this cause of the overfill. Just so I know when I go see the mechanic. Do you recommend the use of an additive in oil. Kind of need van on the road for a couple more months then I can get permanent fix done over winter.

Hi..there sorry for the delay..


If oil is getting in to the combustion chamber via a faulty may have been a contributery factor of the overfill.overfillingthe oil will create severe pressure resistance inside the crankcase such that the seals in the engine - oil pan front and rear main - valve cover - and even the head gasket will begin to leak oil and eventually fail if not caught intime...obviously i can verfiy that..but if the headgasket has gone as you say..and this issue wasnt there until the overfill fault..then you may have some thing to go on for long as this blue smoke wasnt an issue far as additives go.. there isnt really alot out there as their is for coolant..there is one you may want to have look at LUCAS ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK ADDITIVE and see if that helps you out..the end result as youll know is to have the headgasket done im afraid..I do hope this helps..apologies again for the delay