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Hi i have a ford f150 2005 it start leaking power stwering

Customer Question

Hi i have a ford f150 2005 it start leaking power stwering but i cant seems to find from where a few ppl check it but each one have a different answer i need to know whats wrong so i can get it fix from where it might be leaking from whether its the pump or its a seal or by the rackapinion im not a mechanic so i need ur help im a woman in desperate need of help
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Normally on any hydraulic power steering system as per leaks they should be fairly easy to trace down..of course cleaning the enitre area of ps fluid leakage would be prefered so as to trace down properly..i note you do say you have quite a few poeple check this with differant opinons maybe due the fact the area is heavily contaminated with ps fluid all over the area it might be making diagnoses a little more of guess work than anything else....As a starting point anyway to make checks you start off at the reservior this is where you put your fluid and check for leakage there - next is to follow the feed line to the power steering pump this is pulley driven off the main belt on the engine so again check for leakage there on that pump..if it leaking there say then it would likely be another pump..but check the union is tight to the pump - next follow the high pressure feed to line all the way to the steering rack checking for leaks as you go..any leaks found on the feed line would require the line to be replaced - once you reach the steering rack check for leaks at the gaitors/inner tie rods enter on the rack if the leakage is found to be leaking from those then yes its most likely a internal seal as gone on the rack so its a case of replace the seal or replace the rack - then the return line back checking for leaks as you go..It is really a case of doing as above to be able to resolve the problem you you say the leak is getting quite large so a stop leak additive wouldnt help here..but if the leak is larger then before then im mystified as to why nobody as been able to 100% track this down - if you can do these checks yourself as above then it might be worth giving that a go and see what you find.. or if you dont feel you can do that then i would advise seeking a better visual check on this maybe try this site for anyone locall ... I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate