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Can you advise location of glow plugs on a 2002 e class Me

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Can you advise location of glow plugs on a 2002 e class Mercedes.

Hi..there apoligies for the delay..

On the CDI engine..once you have the engine cover off if you look at the passenger side of the engine or locate the Common Rail/Fuel pressure see the solid injectors lines coming from up to the injectors itself - if you look slighty up from the rail at the cylinder head you'll see small black plug connectors..those are the glowplug connectors you need to remove to get at the plugs itself..if your having trouble finding them just let me know and i'll locate a photo - However before you even start to remove them make sure you get the wd-40 straw beyond the connector and spray lots of wd-40 in there to soak into the glowplug threads you may want to this after a run or during cold either way you'll need to give the fluid time to soak in so make you soak them properly and not spare on it..then warm the engine up and soak again..then remove the caps over the plugs these need to be squeezed at either side ti clip off the end of the plug sometimes the use of glowplug cap removal pliers can help..then once you've exposed the top of the glowplug then make sure you use the correct sized long reach socket/extention/ratchet and slowly and evenly and carefully undo them from the cylinderhead..if they become stiff to undo during the removal process stop and reapply the wd-40 again and work the plug back into the head then back out - undo again and keep doing that until you feel the plug is free enough to undo completely..bear in mind these do have habit of snapping sometimes - but usually the method above of lots of wd-40/warm engine should prevent that..when refitting the new ones /spray threads with wd-40/or a small amount of grease - make sure you seat the threads in by a way of seating the plugfirst and screw in by hand only until its screwing in..then finish it all the way with the ratchet and tighten up till roughly 20 Nm torque ..not to over tight just till you feel them bottom out usually.then fit the plug caps back on..I do hope this helps..I if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Is it fair to say these glow plugs are on top of the engine ?

I can see 4 plug caps in a row which I thought were the location of the glow plugs but the plugs caps themselves are a bit of a challenge to get off. If these are the caps we need to remove can you suggest the best way to get them off.


Hi..there thanks for your responce..

No that will be the injector tops..the glowplugs on the CDI engine are just in at the side of the cylinder head passenger side - ive included a pic of two of the electrical cap plugs you need to remove they send the voltage to the plugs once off then you see the end of the glowplug itself...We use a pair of special pliers that go down the side of the cap and squeeze it gently to release the tabs and pull the cap up and off the could may use two small long thin flat head screwdrivers in at both side and push in gnetly and lever up might work..the problem you dont want is to damage the plug connector/cap or you'll expose the electrical contact that supplies the plug with voltage to work..i do agree they arent the best for removing on these engines.think its the 3rd one along can be tricky but using 3/8 ratchet - long reach socket thats fits the glowplug " test on new ones first" and extention a medium long reach should help..I do hope this helps further..

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