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Mike, Technician
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Hi, I need to change a clockspring on a 06 Renault master,

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I need to change a clockspring on a 06 Renault master, how do I remove the drivers airbag
Willie McNally
Mike :

Hello and Welcome...

Mike :

My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise..

Mike :

With this you need / or are best to use a good torch and a will see the holes -on the bottom half of the back of the steering wheel - using the torch and mirror you will need to look deep into the holes - you will have the screws that attach the airbag there...there are 2.

Mike :

I can send you a drawing to help you further if you like......


Thanks Mike, a drawing would be helpful as there are four holes, 2 small ones lower down on the wheel and I cannot see any screws, are the screws torx

Mike :

Hi there.. ok - yes its the 2 lower ones... give me a min to transfer the drawing to you ....

Mike :

by the way no not torx.. they are 5 mm headed bolts -

Mike :

Ok - Im transferring it now for you --

Mike :

try again - sorry - thats not gone through...

Mike :

Ok there you go -sorry about that.

Mike :

If you click the image it will enlarge.


Thanks Mike, a cup of coffee first, then I'll have a go at it, providing I have a 5mm socket to reach in that far, how long ssould I leave it after disconnecting the battery before I remove the bag

Mike :

Just ten mins is plenty for the capacitors to discharge.

Mike :

Im glad to have helped - I hope all goes well , it should do... you know where I am if there is ever anything else... Please do click on the OK ratings for me at this point now... and I thank you for that..

Mike and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike, tried 5mm socket, cannot locate any bolts, all I can see in all 4 holes is a small metal bar, could there be clips instead of bolts

Hi again..

Its very odd that Willie because that info applies to - or should - from 98 -10... so it should be yours...

I have looked elsewhere in my data and cant see any other tye neither - but - I will continue and let you know what I come up with..... Meantime try the torch / mirror - you should be able to actually see whats there that way...

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike,

I sorted it, the small holes take a flat screwdriver to move the bars which unclip the bars in the large holes, you can use this for future reference. you owe me a free-bee, regards,



Hi there Willie..

Well there you go.. Im sorry about that , Its a long while since I have done that particular one.. I will have to update that data info provider too !

Remember the torch and mirrors too for the future -- ;)

All the best Willie - hope all goes ok for you..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.