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What does an EGR valve do

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What does an EGR valve do


Hopefully i can help..

Was there any engine managment system warnings/lights come up when the car broke down?

Are you 100% positive you havent miss fuelled the car?

What testing didnt they say they carried out to replace the 4 injectors?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There was no engine management light which came on.

Definitely not mis fuelled. I last filled up on Bank holiday Monday and the car has run smoothly since then.

They haven't said anything about testing. Simply said it would need 4 injectors at £80 each.

The garage is Trust Ford in Warrington

Hi..thanks for your reply.. per your intitial question the EGR "exhaust gas recirculation valve" is a ecu controlled component on the engine that allows a proportion of exhaust gases to be recircualted back into the intake/induction cylce "in other words sends a controlled amount of exhaust gas back into the engine" to cool the combustion process for better emissions - usually when these do go faulty do through up the engine management light a fault code in or simply the valve sticks/carbon build up due to exposure to exhaust gases in which it can be removed cleaned up and then refitted- usually when it sticks you can get a reduced performance or even black smoke out the tail pipe..but it shouldnt stop the engine from starting - i feel that could of been of unnessesary replacement based on the fact there no codes showed up to say other wise or proper checks done on it..that generally what has to be carried out before you even consider replacing anything else or you be in the same position for a third time at your expense if the injectors dont work out..have they actually hooked up a diagnostic machine ford specific preferably to see what that shows.or a fuel system pressure test to see if delivery is reaching the engine - fuel pump/maybe blocked fuel filter.immobiliser shuts off have they checked that..basic fuse/engine wiring checks/ engine timing could of course consider having diesel specialist check those injectors out rather then just replacement on guess bases..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then please just continue before you rate

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