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i have a getz i.i 31,000 mile 6 years old.i have owned it for

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i have a getz i.i 31,000 mile 6 years old.i have owned it for 2 months.the only prolem is it often takes up to 3 or 4 cranks of the engine be for it starts.this does not always happen as some times it starts 1st time. there is no particular time when it does this .do you think this is a fault or is this common with this model,or should i have it looked was serviced just befor i bought it


Hopefully i can help..

Have you noted any engine managment warnings come up since or prior to the issue?

Any other time does the engine run and perform ok bar the intermittent issue?

When it finally starts any smoke out the back/fuel smell or misfiring?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

all warning lights go out as normal when car starts.once started engine runs fine.does not cut out.not noticed any fuel smell or misfireing. any ideas please?

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..Givin your description of events..probably one of things you may want to check is to ensure there isnt any interuption as per the keys transponder "the key itself" and the reader coil "around the ignition barrel" to shut the immobiliser down to start the car..normally if the immobilser/car isnt picking up the key can sometimes cause an issue like this to prevent the car starting..if you have another key then you could try that one instead and see if there is any differance - you could of course try new batteries in the keys and see if that helps..Its doesnt sound like you have an intial fault with the engine seeing as the ecu hasnt picked anything up as per bringing on the engine management light and the car seems to perform well unless theres been cheap sparkplugs put in at that service..maybe try a petrol injector cleaner additive into the tank of fuel at next fill up " put the additive in first then fill the tank up " to ensure this isnt a fuel quaility issue causing poor starting..but as above these maybe would be two things to maybe try yourself and see if that helps with issue or solves it at least..I do hope this helps

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