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I have a VW Golf 1.6 Tdi with CAYC engine, 2012 model. Idle

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I have a VW Golf 1.6 Tdi with CAYC engine, 2012 model. Idle speed in neutral (at any mph but standstill) hovers approx 975 rpm the drops to approx 775rpm at standstill. My local VW dealer says nothing wrong with idle speed just revving up to burn off DPF deposits. Six months left on 3 year warranty. Need I be concerned or is this "normal"? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

its quite typical on a modern car to have 'two' idle speeds

one when the vehicle is still rolling or crawling along and another with the car completley stationary
this is help with driveability as there's more engine power / torque at the higher engine speed so the increased speed makes the car easier to drive smoothly when rolling

so from your description the two idle speeds sounds quite normal to me
so I don't think its anything to worry about
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