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How many miles should the brake discs do on a Mercedes A class?

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How many miles should the brake discs do on a Mercedes A class? I have been told mine need replacing after 41,845 mile


Hopefully i can help..

Is this dealer carrying out the disc/pads replacement?

What did they say or spotted as faulty in regards ***** ***** requiring replacement?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We booked car in for C service and they have said pads and discs need replacing as discs are rusted and corroded.

I guess so but they have quoted £396 just for the brakes work :(

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..I feared it would be the case as per dealer aswell as the cost which isnt the cheapest to do a simple job - normally they will check condition of disc surface aswell as minimum thickness if all these deemed to them are out of spec then they will deem themas requireing replacement/pads will be standand practice with new discs even though the the original ones still have enough material on them to last a few thousand miles yet.. Normally its quite difficult to put a specific mileage on disc life as its all down to vehicle use really and that across all vehicles to be honest have seen some mercedes have them replaced at 20,000miles mark and all down to corrosion! - sometimes for example if the car is very seldom used then corrosion can build up on the surface/outer edges which is unaviodable..this in turns eats away at the discs and thus causes issues surface wise/pitting or slight warping under braking..if the car is used quite regulary then that corrosion gets limited as the brakes pads job really aswell as braking is cleaning the surface area too.. aswell as that too discs now are made a slighty softer material which doesnt help but ment to aid increased braking effort considering most brake pads now have/inc a mettalic compounds..depending on the severity/condition of the discs you could of of refuse to have them done,and get quotes from elsewhere besides the dealer which you will find can be done a fraction of the cost..however obviously if they are to the point of impairing braking effort then they will need replaced unfortunatly..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then please just continue before you rate

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