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2006 Dodge Caliber - once every couple of weeks i start first

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2006 Dodge Caliber - once every couple of weeks i start first thing in morning and clutch predal is sat on floor. Just lift it with my foot, gently pump and its ok to drive for as long as I want. But knowing its a hydraulic prob that has only existed since the replaced the (master cylinder) they are saying that the slave cylinder in g/box coukd be the problem annd that if they remove g/box and its not that they will have to charge me 612£!! I am a female and cant argue with them as i'm a pensionner and frankly dont know what i'm taalking about when it comes to cars! Please help me.


Hopefully i can help..

I note you say you had the "clutch master cylinder replaced" what was the reason for that,did they show you the old one? or was replacement due to the same problem you have now ?

Have they tried re-bleeding?

What engine size/type does the car have?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thannk you soo much - i'm desperate - They keep telling me there isnt a problem! They replaced the master(?) cylinnder because when I took delivery it was hard to get into gear, but i put it down to havig my Freelander and they said it was comparison thing. But they wouldnt admit there was a problem and said it was me. Eventually they gave in but since they worked on it its been like this and they told me recently that ai they took g/box out and it wasnt that then they would have to charge me £612. But surely they must have an idea if its that or not? The engine size is 1968cc. Model SXT D. Thjank you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry forgot to add that they did try re-bleeding. Unfortunately, they have given me no paperwork relating to any work carried out, despite many requests.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Normally i would advise having the clutch system re-bled again properly with new fluid.shares the same fluid as the brake system.i know thy may have done it before but they may need to pressure bleed it instead - as you know its hydraulic and any parts removed from that or replaced need to be re-bled - its a bit like your any air trapped in the system will cause loss of effort or even lack of pressure or the pedal falls to the floor which can normally be down to the master cylinder faulty internally seal wise loosing pressure..its would also be worth checking for leaks on that system from the master cylinder all the way to the slave cylinder inside the bellhousing - these use concentric slave cylinder so getting at that does require gearbox removal sadly.but normally these dont give too much trouble.and as you say this is a very intermittent fault so if the slave was at fault normally this would be alot more often problem wise certainly getting into gear if its become weak..if leaking then you would notice fluid seeping from the gearbox bellhousing where it meets the engine depending on the severity of the leak...however it not too uncommon to get a fault master certainly see if it has been replaced at may want to find another garage for a second opinion with a better understanding and maybe help further etc - its an expensive guess on the slave cylinder..but as above i would maybe get the system re-bled again properly and see if that makes any improvement..if not then i would be looking at the master cyl again before - reaching the slave cylinder which would be costly as you found out already..maybe try this site if you feel another garage maybe worth trying as per second opinion etc ... I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then please just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you - i think i need legal help as they wont listen to anything i say. Shame they cant be as forthcoming with explanation as you are. This tells me pretty much what I have gathered up to now, but wont ensure they carry out the work. Being a pensioner - female at that! - I know now i should never trust purchasing a car from a garage again. Thanks again.

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

We do have legal section on justanswer so you more than welcome to maybe try a question there..obviously i cant help with that.... But going by your car - i feel this certainly needs a second opinion on this if you have trust issues with garage..if it was bought recently and under warranty then they should be obliged to sort it for you..Not all garages are the same it maybe the garage you use arent very up on the make and model or have expertise in diagnosing the fault with the car in front of them..i do still feel the master cyl could be faulty..its not unknown to get new faulty master cylinder experianced it myself many a time.depends on the manufacturer or the bleeding process hasnt been carried out properly or you do have leak on the system somewhere allowing air into it..if all has been thouroughly checked then it would only leave the slave cylinder at fault..I do hope this helps further..please dont forget to rate..much appreciated

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