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just started my rover75 and it taping nose is it bad or

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just started my rover75 and it taping nose is it bad or would cost a lot to fix


Hopefully i can help...

What engine does the car have exactly,and its mileage,service history?

Do you know if possible which area on the car/engine this noise seems to emit from?

Does it change pitch when revving up or stop or change when using the clutch etc?

Any warning lights up on the instrument panel since this occurred?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

111824miles 24value quad cam it comes forme the top of engine it makes more noise when revving no warning lights come

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..There are few things that are fairly common for giving out similar noises..but it would be well worth first checking your current oil level to ensure that hasnt dropped or below minimum..if its really black or look as though its hasnt been changed for sometime then it would be worth having the engine oil/filter could be faulty/broken inlet/vis motors on these as part of the inlet manifold..

these are quite common for failing and "can" cause similar maybe have them checked out..the next possible cause is top end wear if thats where the noise seems to come from within the cam cover,you could do the old test with the long screwdriver to your ear whislt engine at idle or Mechanics Stethoscope to listen for the exact area of the noise which would help narrow it down for sure.likely worn lifters and this would be pretty expensive to rectify if thats the case probably more than the cars worth in some cases as the KV6 engine isnt the the cheapest of engines to have repairs done on when its comes to timing belt changes and head removals..Its is really a case of doing the basic checks oil wise..if it looks like its not been done in a while consider having it done/maybe a slightly thicker grade considering the mileage..I do hope this helps..
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for that not whot I need to hear but icheced oil leva it was black and over max limit may be he top it to far could that couse the proble


If its way over the max mark..normally no it shouldnt cause this ..having the oil level can increase crankcase pressure or blow oil seals or the pcv will ingest oil and allow it to pass into the intake and burn off under combustion cycle - however it would be good time to maybe try new oil and filter on i say maybe a slightly thicker grade and see if that helps..if not then as above if its a mechanical noise then it sounds like top end wear..hard to say over the net..but i would be trying to listen carefully as to pin point this before considering stripping down the top end if thats the route you wish to take