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My wife's Lancer estate reeks of fuel in the garage, not so

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My wife's Lancer estate reeks of fuel in the garage, not so much when it is on the road. Is it likely to be a problem at the tank end or the engine end.


Hopefully i can help..

It would be hard to say what end it could be without a proper thourugh inspection..this shouldnt be at all left to continue..if as you say its bad as you describe it would/might advise at least leaving the car outside of the garage "if possible" until as such time the fuel problem is addressed - asuming this is petrol it will evaporate fairly quickly,depending on the severity of the leak hence you may find that wont see any leak until the system has been pressurized when the fuel pump kicks in,then only you may find the leak crop up - obviously you should check the security of the fuel cap - then under the car check the tank filler pipe to the tank itself inspect the tank for areas that look as though petrol has dripped down also check the supply lines from the tank around the pump/sender unit at the tank - then follow the lines to the fuel filter then follow those to the injection system/rail up at the engine aswell as check for fuel leaks there too around the injector bodies - you may want to turn the ignition on to allow the fuel pump to prime the system and then again check for leaks as per above..with the engine running check around the injection system and feed lines for small leaks - the other area to check on this aswell as the above will be the EVAP system for leaks too this collects the fuel vapour from the tnak itself..normally a smoke machine need to be used to check that for leaks - but as above if the fuel is as strong as you describe i be more inclined to check for fuel leak problem..I do hope this helps..

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