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My ford 6000 CD player is locked. Code has been typed in wrong

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My ford 6000 CD player is locked. Code has been typed in wrong too many times. Is there a way around this please. I cannot do anything. Dealers are saying to replace the unit.


Hopefully i can help..

How many times has the wrong code been entered or put in and whats its showing on the display?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Code has been typed in 15 times I believe. Also I was told you get a second chance if you hold down the number 6 button. I did this and my brother typed in the code wrong. The screen just says locked.

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..thats unfortunate - usually that method you mention can work when you reach about 10 attempts - since its been done about 15 times then its gone past the 13th attempt which essentially means your radio wont accept any further codes - basically permanently locked out im afraid so there isnt really anything you can do on a diy bases - the only option open really as you may of gathered already is to have the unit taken off the car and unlocked via electronic unlocking tool to electronically decode it which is a laptop based programme that most car radio/audio specialist may have..if you know anyone locally that does that then thats basically about the only way forward that way..the other is as the dealer suggested to replace the unit - whether it be second hand/with its code so you dont have the same issue above thats about the only two options open sadly when it comes to the radio's...normally as ive seen and done myself if nobody locally can decode it replacement is usually the better option..maybe try ebay and find one exactly the same and ensure it has its correct code before considering purchasing..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can I not replace the battery? I really don't want to buy a new one.


The radio units dont have batteries in them - its run through the cars own supply via ignition switch - if your refering to the main battery under the bonnet - if theres nothing wrong with that battery then you shouldnt need to have it replaced - if the power is interupted to the radio or through battery disconnection.then again you need to enter the code for the radio to work again the correct code via the correct input procedure - as it is now - disconnecting the battery wont help nor replacing it..the problem is the radio unit itself in the car has locked down and the options really are to have it eletronically unlocked or replaced.i know its not what you want to hear but unfortunately thats about the options you've have as above in in previous answer .i do hope this helps further

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