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Hi. I own a 2005 Citroen C4 Coupe (In Ireland). Lately the

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Hi. I own a 2005 Citroen C4 Coupe (In Ireland). Lately the power steering has been a problem. The steering wheel becomes very heavy - not locked exactly but it takes effort to move the steering wheel while driving. This is an intermittent problem. I brought the car to a local garage when the steering became heavy- left ignition on - they hooked up a small computer - diagnostic tool - No fault appeared on their device. They checked the power steering fluid - and added fluid - but this did not make any appreciable difference afterwards. I know that when it happens I can pull over and stop the car & re start it and this sometimes clears the problem. Can you advise - Is this a ecu problem,steering rack? IF so what would be the likely cost to repair this bearing in mind that the vehicle in nearly 10 years old. Thank you Tony

its a semi electric system on these, where the pump is driven electrically to provide hydrualic pressure to the steering rack

it sounds like the pump is dropping out and not running as it should

its controlled by a seperate module that may be faulty

and I'd reccommend getting in touch with this firm about getting your module repaired / replaced
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