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my mx6 radiator system seems to have a leak as well as a blockage.

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my mx6 radiator system seems to have a leak as well as a blockage. the garage have put in a new water pump but tell me the car does not need a new radiator which I find strange if there is a blockage or leak, the car is 22 years old and registration plate A7 OEN. PLEASE HELP ME!!many thanks, michelle.


Hopefully i can help..

Is there actual coolant loss or leaks from the radiator as far as you can tell yourself from under the car?

Why exactly did they replace water pump?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert, thank you so much for getting back to me. I have three old Mazda cars, they are the love of my life. I have grown up with them and when I came across an old mx6 I had to buy it. There was nothing wrong with the car until I took it in to have the centre exhaust box replaced. After that the radiator began to leak. The garage told me it needed a new water pump £300 later the car is no different. I know my cars and this one is sick. I have asked the garage to put in a new radiator to see if that helps but they do not seem to think so. I would go to the local mazda garage but I would like to get this sorted with the garage that put in the water pump.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes there is coolant loss from under neath the car

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Im kind of puzzled as to why the water pump was replaced - if the Radiator itself is leaking that would have to be fully verified that is the cause before looking for another radiator - so a careful check of the complete coolant system/radiator of course/hose connections/thermostat housing etc all need to be checked for leaks..they can fill the system and then artificially apply pressure to the cooling system using a special coolant system pressure tester/guage in place of the expansion/radiator cap..once the system is pressurized then they can go around the whole coolant system looking for the leak - Normally when a water pump needs replacement - its either the pump itself isn't circulating the coolant around the engine properly / the bearing in the pump have worn / or the water pump gasket is leaking - that's usually one of the main reasons for pump replacement and this in turn would cause the engine to overheat rather quickly - so if that wasn't a problem prior to exhaust replacement then im not sure why the pump was done..However if the Radiator is leaking either around the base or sides or even from one of the hoses that connect to the radiator then its pretty straight forward job..and as you say replacement is usually the best idea as simply adding a sealant additive can work in "some" cases but is really a temp measure until you get the problem properly fixed..or if you know of radiator repair specialist they maybe able recondition it or repair the leak,if getting a new one is difficult based on the cars age etc - but would need removed first..that maybe something to look into locally...But if you have yourself noticed leaks from the radiator,maybe investigate further yourself with torch etc from within the engine bay to see for yourself then you'll know for sure where the leak is from and what it will take to solve it... if your not getting anywhere with the garage you use or they not fully familiar with these type of cars then you could maybe try another garage/maybe look out for local Mazda specialist or you you could try this site here I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do so before you rate..

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Robert, I was told to begin with that they would pressurise the radiator system to find out where the leak was coming from, which I assumed they did prior to telling me the car needed a new water pump. I have monitored the car and I think I will get the garage to put in a new radiator which to my mind seems the best thing to do. IF !! the car has a new water pump and is 22 years old, a new radiator will not go a miss. I am fed up of topping the car up with coolants, running it, leaving the caps off, revving it and getting sprayed in the face with antifreeze mix! Thank you Robert, for your help, kind regards, Michelle.

Hi..there.. Michelle

Yes if the leak is quite hard to spot then doing as above to pressurise the system can often help diagnose where the leak is...there are other ways too using a special kit UV Dye & UV Torch Kit Leak Detection kit..which you the dye to the coolant run the car and then use the torch/special glasses to see where the uv dye is coming out..But as above certainly ensure the radiator is fully inspected for leaks "first" before even considering replacement as it could be simple hose problem.that leads and exits the rad...But however if you need to ask anything further then you can anytime and hope you get your car sorted out..and many thanks for rating..most appreciated..regards Robert