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My car is using a lot of water what could the problem be ?

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Hi..Sorry for the delay...Do you still require help with this?

If so - How much coolant does the vehicle actually loose or how much do you need top up?

Any sort of engine missfire or excess vapour from the exhaust?

What sort of test was done as per headgasket?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

It loses about half a litre there is no excess vapour from the exhaust and no misfires it wasa visual check for the head gasket

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok - first place to check would be the expansion tank cap,seal aswell as the tank itself..there was a breif recall in regards ***** ***** tanks prone to leaking aswell as small weep from the connection hose to it - id imagine that would of been checked if not then certainly check that out - the next was the thermostat housing again small leaks from the gasket - noticable by the powdery residue from the coolant - any sort of coolant residue is good indicator of a leak or its exit point on the engine..that really what you need to look out for..As before have to tank cap checked just to be sure the seal isnt damaged causing the coolant escape through evaporation - also when the engines cold ensure the coolant line is in line with the mark on the tank when cold - never fill up when hot - and then monitor the loss..if there is still loss of colant then the next stage is to get a pressure tester on the expansion tank and artifically pump the system up to the desried pressure as stated on the cap..once thats done then the added pressure should force a leak to appear if there is one,you normally have to that when leaks are hard to find or ones that only crop up when the engine reaches a certain temperature when things expand - it will also test to see if the system does hold pressure or not..a visual check of the headgasket seem wont be able to determine whether the headgasket has gone you need to pressure test/block dye test on the coolant system checking for exhaust gases leaking into the system for that or check for cross contamination of fluids oil and coolant...i do hope this helps..if you require to aska nything further then please do so before you rate

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Expansion tank cap replaced,there is no evidence of cross contamination of fluids,levels always checked cold


Ok i wasnt aware of that - but have you actually fully inspected the tank though and that hose fitting - that was quite common occurance for coolant loss with small weeps from those - failing that as i highlighted above any form of coolant residue would be things to look out for..the next intial stage id say from here considering you've had a fair bit checked here - is the pressure tester on the expansion tank up to the desired pressure as stated on your expansion tank cap..this means that you can whilst its holding pressure check the entire coolant system circuit on that engine aswell as too not forgetting the heater matrix itself within the car - for small leaks that hard to find..even from things such clamps around the coolant hoses..especially so for tighteness whilst you go around checking..normally that the procedure when checking for colant loss problems aswell as ruling out and ensuring the system is properly bled of air pockets..I do hope this helps further

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thanx will try that

Hi..there no problem..if you require to ask anything further then you can do after this post even after you have rated you can still come back to this question..Best of luck Rob