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My MOT "recommends" stated my 2005 Hyundai 2.00 Litre Coupe

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My MOT "recommends" stated my 2005 Hyundai 2.00 Litre Coupe had a damaged front suspension ball joint cover, but it was ok. However, after reading this; I recalled when going over a particular section of road I heard a load clunk like the chasis of the car hit the surface of the road, and once in wet weather I temporarily lost control of steering as though I had a front tyre puncture but did not (it Has not happened again). Is the Ball joint about to fail? And how much would it cost to replace it.


Hopefully i can help..

If they refer to the balljoint dust cover - the black rubber part around the balljoint that holds the grease in..then over time the grease can leak out and thus moisture/rain water can set in causing excess corrosion/excess wear thorugh lack of grease around the balljoint itself,If that was an advisory on MOT then its likely it would of been due for replacement at the next MOT check - to check that they need to get the car up in the air to check for excess movement at that balljoint before replacement that would be something to have done first - any sort of wear on that joint can cause a knocking effect through the car over a rough area of road or pothole even - as for the loss of steering again not usually a balljoint would cause that but depends on the wear..just rule out things like possible road surface contamination ie:- oil or the raod may have been generally greasy often that can give a feel of loss of steering or flat tyre etc..just something to bear in mind if that hasnt happened again..The balljoints on the Hyundia Coupes are pressed in so you could just have the balljoint replaced on its own without the need for the whole wishbone - again depends what condition the bushing are on that lower arm - the balljoint itself on its own should be no more than £10 roughly and about about a couple of hours labor ontop - The whole wishbone roughly £70 plus the same down time labor ontop - unfortunatly as all garage tend to have differant hourly rates it would be hard to say exactly what sort of price you'll expect to pay but i shouldnt see it being anymore than £100max to be honest..just ask for quotes locally..but i would certainly advise having the suspension on the front checked out first before even considering buying any parts..I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please do so before you rate

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