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Hi I have got a DS3 60 plate it has done 68000 miles. It has

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Hi I have got a DS3 60 plate it has done 68000 miles.
It has been making a loud whirring noice (mainly coming from the back I think) starts more or less as soon as car moves, gets louder at 30/40mph then gets louder faster I go. I had it in to a garage last week they changed the rear passenger bearing thinking that was it... unfortunately it is still making the noise and they suspect the other rear bearing.. so i booked it in for its service at evans halshaw, they are saying that they have noticed my brake discs both front and back are very worn (past the safe mark) but the pads are not even half worn. They need to change both to eliminate the noise they are making before they can investigate my car further (at a cost of £520.00.)
The garage I had it in last week say they didnt see anything wrong with my brakes and the car was at evans halshaw on the 10th september having a free health check which includes looking at brakes... why were they not noticed then?
Anyway can you shed any light on to this noise or suggest anything as all the garages seem to just be stabbing in the dark and not really looking for the problem.


Hopefully i can help..

Have they actually test drove the car themselves to see what point the source of the noise comes from?

Does the noise change at any point during cornering / the moment you step on the brake pedal etc..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Both garages have drove the car, one said it was the wheel bearing which I paid to be changed and the noise is still there. The other garage has said it is my brake discs.

It does not seem to change when cornering or braking

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Normally with any wheel bearing fault - they can wear in differnat ways..some produce alot of play some through manual checking can be rough in operation - the key really is to pin point exactly what side the noise comes from..sometimes that can be quite hard due to road noise the next stage of checking really is to get all 4 wheels off the gorund and manaually spin each wheel by hand listening and feeling carefully for any obvious issues,spinning grinding noise and compare with the rest of the wheels to eliminate each one..they need to check the front bearings if they havent done so already.its all to common to fall into the trap of thinking the noise is from the back when it could well be from the doubt they could compare with the new one considering nothings wrong with that.If they are not doing that - checks similar above and just going by your description of events..they shouldnt be doing that as it cost you money if its worng as you have experianced already..they need to do a proper and careful check before replacing anything further..Also after a run check each wheel to see if ones hotter than the other..if one of the bearings is running dry/worn through loss or lack of grease in the bearing then the metal to metal contact within the bearing running dry will produce alot of certainly check that too...As per the Brake discs producing the noise..i can see it unless the surfaces are suspect but then the noise would stop suddenly under braking as the pads grip the surface of the disc..if that doesnt happen and the noise slows down in tandem with the speed of the car under braking then its most likely a bearing or possible gearbox - Discs are usually checked for thickness at service,probably the reason for not highlighting at the free health check is basically that they have probably noticed it or they havent actually checked the disc thickness,just done a visual check..However if it falls under there minimum level then they do advise disc replacement.of course you could refuse and alot of people do...I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further the please do so before you rate

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