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My cars brake discs & pads were replaced yesterday, today I

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My cars brake discs & pads were replaced yesterday, today I was driving & they stared to make a hell of a noise as if they are scraping together, could they have fitted them wrong or could there be another problem. thanks


Hopefully i can help..

When does this noise usually occur - when under braking or whilst driving?

What year is the vehicle?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Its 7 years old, when driving its quite bad when brakes applied it stops.

Hi..there thanks for your responce.. per the noise that shouldnt be happening..especially so considering you have had new discs and pads fitted!..something clearly isnt right - somethings fouling or touching the disc as the car drives along and thus has you apply the brake the noise stops...Ideally you need to get the wheels off and check this asap to ensure the caliper has been fitted back properly via the top and bottom fixing/slidepins bolts to the carrier..also the pads itself.."sometimes" they need the the braking surface of the pad sanded a little..this helps bed in quicker and takes off some of the sharp edges that might cause the pad surface to come against the disc and cause squeeling again that something to look into..its baiscally a case of having the garage in question re-check this over for you..or maybe a local reputable mobile tech you know of to come and check them out..but as it stands you need to get the wheels off and re-check - spin each wheel in turn to see what sides causing the issue and then investigate further..even it means having to dismantle which ever side again to check..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do so before you rate

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