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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
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I had my garage replace my Mx5 mk2 1.8 1998 6 speed import

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I had my garage replace my Mx5 mk2 1.8 1998 6 speed import dials to mph and the speedo now reads app. 40 mph slow
Ross :

Hi my name is***** a car technician and I’ll help with your question.

Ross :

Did you have your original dials adapted or a new replacement set fitted?

Customer: New Lockwood ones. Purchased from Mx5 parts so I know I had the right ones
Ross :

Ok so if these are cover dials which simply place over your old dials they certainly should read correctly. Do you know if the needles were removed to fit the new dial plates? Some are cut to avoid needle removal where as some aren't. If the needle has been removed often damage can be caused to the driver motor which moves them as they are very delicate.

Customer: I gave the garage full fitting instructions. The old dials were removed. I did have to take it back because all the temp. gauges were well out,this they sorted. I didn't realise the speedo was out until I passed a speed warning sign.
Customer: The dials were and needles were definitely removed. I had left the full instructions with the new dials. I did have to take it back due to the temp.gauges being well out,this they sorted. The speed I found out after getting zapped on a military site and having a warning. If I have to replace the display how do I go about the mileage ? My car has very low mileage for its age
Ross :

I strongly suspect they were heavy handed with the removal of the needles, and this has damaged the spindle in the driver motor. If this is the case the entire motor/dial assembly can be swapped from a spare set to yours to retain your current millage. I understand that you don't want to change the entire unit and loose your millage

Customer: Cheers ***** ***** will give it a go. There are loads of Mx5 full modules cheap on eBay I will get one and swap the motor etc. out
Ross :

No problem. Good luck and feel free to ask if you need any further assistance. Thanks, Ross.

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