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I have a 2004 (Mk 1) Skoda Octavia Estate (Combi) with 2.0

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I have a 2004 (Mk 1) Skoda Octavia Estate (Combi) with 2.0 litre petrol engine which has done 112,000 miles. It has recently developed a noticeable transmission whine. Are there any particular weaknesses which could point to the source of this noise? Is it more likely to be a gearbox rather than differential/driveshaft problem?


Hopefully i can help..

Is this in certain gears or during travel in all gears?

Any gear selecting issues prior or druing the fault?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


It is only noticeable in fifth gear but that is obviously where most time is spent.

No gear selecting issues, although the clutch will probably need replacing some time soon as it has being mentioned as a deteriorating item in Skoda diagnostics.

The car has been regularly serviced by Skoda garages.

Hi..there thanks for your reply.. a sense yes a clutch is a wear and tear item..but this isnt a clutch problem you have.unless there i some sort of slipping/or gear change issues in relation to clutch not clearing properly..the fact you do actually hear this in 5th isnt particular higher mileage cars depending on its use of course - as you point out most time is spent in 5th during motorway crusing etc and its most likely the bearing on 5th your hearing - its doesnt sound Diff related as usually that manifests in all gears at a certain speed as thats where drive comes from to the driveshafts..Id ensure first the gearbox doesnt actually have leak of sorts that may have cause a low oil could even go as far as getting the gearbox oil changed..and then what improvement that makes..certainly a cheaper option..if however the noise is still apparent then im afraid by the sounds of it its time for a another gearbox,as stripping down would certainly outweight the cost of just fitting a new box/clutch.a good second hand one including the a new clutch which would be advised if another box is getting put in..I do hope this helps...If you need to ask anything further then please do before you rate

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