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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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Peugeot 107

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Hi Robert my son has a Peugeot 107 urban hatchback it's done 70,000,had 5 previous owners & only got 1 set of keys, its taxed & tested til March 15 but has got quite bad damage on front driver door, someone rammed into him & drove off, he never claimed on Ins as excess was nearly as much as a new door cost, which was £750 fitted,made enq to sell at we buy any car got quote back of £1,430 initially but with damage & only having 1 set of keys that price dropped significantly to £727 also made enquiries to sell at auction & was advised it's a cat c car, (didn't realise when we bought it), to cut to the chase do you think it's worth getting door repaired, can get 2nd hand one for £128 then got to pay someone to fit it,but is it worth it or is it best to try & sell it in it's current state,& would it be best to try & sell privately. I Would appreciate any advice you can offer as it's just stuck on drive at the moment, as he has already purchased another vehicle.


If the car was a cat c then usually any seller should be upfront at that fact,sometimes this can be listed in the logbook - thats something you need to bear in mind when selling privately and more so to this means selling the car a below market value - I would suspect being the type of car it is and its running costs then you shouldnt have any problems getting it shifted - If its just the door and your able to source one exactly the same colour and can get it fitted cheap enough at a fraction of the cost quoted by the insurer - fitted by a reputable garage then i would say as it stands would be the better option to increase the likely hood of getting it shifted without to much of hit on the final long as the cars inspected usually via VIC test your mot station may know of one locally that does that - after which to prove to any buyer the cars safe to drive and its mot'd/taxed - then its worth going for..rather tha sell it in its current state...I do hope this helps

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