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hi,i have chrysler 2.5crd.Emits a lot of white smoke when

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hi,i have chrysler 2.5crd.Emits a lot of white smoke when starting,but runs and drives fine after a few minutes driving,but not if left idling ?,glow plugs are quite new ,notice the oil level is steadily rising quite a bit.mpg quite bad anyway,but seems worse than usual .


Hopefully i can help..

By the sounds of your description..tied in with the smoke/bad fuel possible you have a faulty that one of the injectors could dumping too much fuel,raw diesel or dribbling and thus causing the issue you have - this in turn can wash by the pistons rings and then into the sump.hence the rise in oil level..if the oil smells strongly of diesel then the injectors need to be tested. these can tested on the engine with a leak off measuring kit to see which ones at that certainly one thing to have done..maybe diesel specialist might your better option to maybe further and remove them and check them off the car for spray pattern or leaks..another could low compression on one of the cylinders this normally can again cause this issue too so a compression test would be something else to have carried out if the injectors seem to turn out ok..

.As long as the Coolant level hasnt fallen then as above the rise in oil level and bad mpg can be a common cause of injectors as above that about the best way forward from here..note though ensure at the same time they drain that oil off.if the levels reaching beyond the max level..I do hope this helps

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