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I have an 05 Avensis T3 Spirt 2L automatic. I suspect that

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I have an 05 Avensis T3 Spirt 2L automatic.
I suspect that because of the large number of dead ends and solid walls I've come across in the last few weeks, that my problem is not only well know but also almost non-fixable, but I'll give it go anyway.
I have only just purchased this vehicle, and am very happy with it (so far!!)
However, it is fitted with an LCD GPS Navigation, in the place that some models have an storage box in the upper middle of the dashboard. Not a full blown sat-nav.
The device obviously works as it gives me continuously updated GPS coordinates, street name and town.
However, I can set it for mpg average, but cannot see how to reset to zero, for this and other details I guess I need a manual, the supplied owner manual doesn't cover it at all, nor after much trawling on the internet can I find one.
Can you help please? either with a manual or other instructions for operating this device.
Peter Lewin


Hopefully i can help..

Going by your description of the unit that some of these cars had that will be the TNS300ETA..bit like this one below..

There is an Owners guide on ebay at the moment you may want to have a look at,not new of course..normally these cars came with a book from im not sure if you have contact with the last owner they may still have it etc..I do hope this helps

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** seems to answer my question.

Your image is indeed the right one.

Owners guide ordered

Many thanks

Peter Lewin.

Hi..there.. Peter..

No Problem..Glad to help - Also please dont forget to rate my assistance/help above.always very much appreciated..Regards Robert

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Same car, 05 Avensis Spirit 2.0 sequential automatic.

I've noticed that the gear selector is slightly stiff to move, particularly between Drive and Reverse. I have three days left to reject this car from purchase, I am I looking at a very expensive repair? Although it is allegedly "covered" by a warranty.


On these around that year they should have a transmission control cable from the selector box to the gearbox itself..normally to diagnose is to remove the cable end from the gearbox end and then go through the gears in the car..if the problems still the same then the gearbox can be ruled out - and more in regards ***** ***** cable itself or an issue within the selector box itself,but more so the cable which isnt too uncommon for siezing up is normally the culprit,have heard of it being done on warranty,but would advise you contact the dealer yourself ..some would try and free it up but often the cable requires replacement..costing hard to be specific on based on the factors that most if not all garages across the uk tend to rate differant hourly rates..but its not a 10min job as it requires alot of access to the cable end within the selector box..and the cable removed/fed down the centre tunnel,front floor pan,and removed and affixed to the holding maybe looking at least a afternoon s work,probably in the £200-£300 range depending on the hourly rates of the garage you use..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, on the strength of you're reply, I've just cancelled the fitting of a very expensive piece of disabled passenger (my disabled wife) lifting/seating equipment that was being fitted in the car tomorrow (20th Nov) And am planning to return the car to the dealer for investigation of this apparent fault and a headlight condensation problem problem that refuses to go away.