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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
Category: Car
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1998 seat ibiza 1.4 petrol; car has suddenly taken a dislike

Customer Question

1998 seat ibiza 1.4 petrol; car has suddenly taken a dislike to water from any source, even washing the car causes it to splutter and cut out, after waiting approx 10 minutes it will usually start up, driving in rain is almost impossible, new distributor fitted a few months ago, worked fine for a while, but now is worse than ever, any help please?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 3 years ago.
Ross :

Hi my name is***** a car technician and I’ll help with your question.

I have come across the problem so many times, its very common and lucky very simple to cure. Replace the Coil pack, this is located on the bulk head of the engine bay, its fixed with two bolts, a power connector, earth strap and HT Lead. The coils on these suffer from internal cracking which allows moisture in which either causes a dead short or a week spark before it eventually gives up all together.

Do NOT be tempted to apply WD40 as this seals the water in and usually causes failure very quickly. a new coil pack is around £30 from most auto factors or £5 second hand. Although as its such a common problem i recommend fitting a new one.

Ross :

I hope this answers your question, if you need further assistance please feel free to reply, otherwise if your happy with my help please remember to "rate" or "accept" my answer, thanks, Ross.