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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Car
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Please, please can someone offer some help!!!!??? .... I own

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Please, please can someone offer some help!!!!??? .... I own an 08 plate vauxhaul vivaro 2.9 cdti van that has had injector problems ( no surprises there ) .... It's an m9r engine and after fitting all new Bosch injectors a little over a year ago, one of these new injectors had apparently failed from the get go, being over number 4 cylinder, resulting in a leak through itself and very heavy contamination on top of the engine. The coke build up was very bad and after taking it back to the vauxhall approved service centre I was unlucky as no longer any warranty period eft and I had to stump up another £800 for parts and labour to replace that failed injector. But this gets much, much worse!!! .... After paying the company and settling back into my newly repaired van, I turn the key and a very nasty metallic knocking is present, rising under acceleration!!! I know engines fairly well and I knew this was real bad!! ....naturally I went straight back into the office and complained and for the last two weeks the van has been at that same service centre with them now denying any responsibility for what is now being claimed a potential big end bearing failure or possible damage to the top end somewhere??? However nobody has diagnosed the exact cause yet because they are claiming that the noise must have been present when I delivered the van ( which it absolutely wasn't) and that whatever the failure is, it could have been rapidly accelerated by the new injector having upped the power? Which sounds like total bull to me!! ..... In short, there are silver sparkles in the freshly serviced oil ( done by another garage who do my service works and also found the coked top of engine on inspection and insisted it got taken to said vauxhall service centre immediately ) and a terrifying knocking that nobody wants to put their hands up to or even properly diagnose as they want to charge me to strip the head! ..... As a note: An engineer was called out to remove the copper washer that the injector seats on as it was heavily imbedded but he was able to remove it easily and the original injector was refitted on a new washer then wd40 sprayed in and around to check for air bubbles when run up and they were present and this was the initial reason of detecting the failed injector which has also since been bench tested by a third party and confirmed as 'leaking from return connector and dripping at low pressure' .....My main concern is that something or perhaps a piece of diesel coke / debris was dropped into the cylinder after the injector was removed? But, the service centre has since used a camera to look into cylinder 4 and have seen nothing or any clear signs of any damage to bores or piston? ..... If a piece of coke had dropped in, could this have been the cause when the engine was refired, perhaps exploding and damaging the valve train? Or something in the top end?? ....Can anyone help with any possible advice as I'm sitting on a £13000 bag of bolts and I'm more than a little concerned of how to move forward now!!! :((( cheers. Jon .... Btw: Mileage is only 76800 miles on this motor!!! ....My email is : [email protected]
Hello Jon

I douby very much that any piece of carbon or coke would cause this damage

If there's a lot of debris in the oil then I'd be more concerned about the condition of the big-end shells and I'd also do a compression test across all cylinders to check that side of things too , as if a big end has been wiped due to hydraulic pressure then the rod may be bent - a compression test would show this up as all cylinders should be within 10-15 psi of each other
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Matt, thanks for the info re comp test etc and your doubts around it being a piece of hardened coke that may have caused the prob but it doesn't fully answer my question. The top of the engine was badly covered in coke from the leaking injector as it had been happening over a long period of time. Other mechanics have suggested it could be a piece of coke that has potentially damaged the valve train and I have also been told that Renault uk have recently had 2 engine replacements because of this very same problem on injector change and that the only way to properly diagnose the reason or cause of the knocking is to remove the head and investigate what or if anything foreign has caused the catastrophic failure of the shells or something else? Do you concur?? The owner of the vauxhall service centre clearly stated to me in a phone message (that I still have) tha he was very upset at his technicians mis diagnosing the area of where the knocking was coming from and that due to my appointed, third party mechanic who visited their workshop and then re diagnosed the area as being under the injector they had worked on and not from the opposite end of the motor as his 3 thecs had stated, that he had instructed that the "head be removed for further investigation' ..... This never happened as I believe it's a fairly costly procedure taking some time, but he shouldn't have told me it was happening under his instruction if it wasn't going to happen? I then found out that he used a camera to view inside the cylinder and nothing was found to be out of order nor in the cylinder and that's where he concluded it was nothing they could have done? An engineer also attended to remove the copper seating washer when the failed injector was first pulled and I don't know if he may have dropped something although the camera should have picked this up I guess??? I just don't know how to move forward and nobody is giving me a def diagnosis without me spending another grand, perhaps only to find out its now a total bag of bolts due to incredible bad luck and then it's scrap value or a new motor!!! Bloody Renault engines!!!! This van has cost me a fortune and vid been incredibly diligent, always servicing and doing all that was possible to keep it in top shape. It's only done 76000 miles and never been stressed too hard, I just don't understand why I keep getting problems and I certainly don't agree with a beating failing so catastrophically and suddenly for no apparent reason! It just doesn't add up! :((
Hello Jon

I'd say to have failed a bearing shell as you describe either the cylinder has been filled full of fuel and hydrauliced or the oil pump has failed

if an injector has failed then this could have caused this sudden failure

I'd reccommend doing the compression test next and let me know what you find
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok Matt, I'll instruct a compression test with the service centre where my van still sits and mention the potential oil pump failure? I'll let ya know what comes back ASAP. Cheers
understood Jon

good luck
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