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my rover75 my backe numberplat does not work put secondhand

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my rover75 my backe numberplat does not work put secondhand on stell dos not worke what could it be it not the bulbs


Is this both bulbs on that PCB not not working?

Are you getting a feed to the PCB when you turn the side lights on?

Where was the second hand one sourced and was it working one?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes put new bulbs in yes the side lights are working car bracker they s aid tasted and was working


No i mean - do you get a feed/voltage referance to the connectors at the number plate holder//you should have two spade connectors to that need to check it gets a feed when you turn on your lights..if not then you have issue somewhere else either earth fault or supply voltage problemwiring...either a blown fuse you'll need to check for..thats under the dash at the passenger need to removed the panel underneath..and you see the fuse board..and fuse map on the cover or handbook..

These panels that hold your number plate bulbs are so common for failing due to there position on the boot lid behind the chrome section sometimes effected by water ingress,..this is causes corrosion of the pcb board itself in regards ***** ***** solder joints and causes either one bulb to go or both and the ecu will display a message or bulb failure..some people actually hard wire the board so something to bear in mind double check the circuit/pcb board is clean and doesnt shows signs of corrosion/scortch/discolouration marks on the strip,theres sticky foam strip on it pull that off gently and check underneath the pcb strip..ensure the bulbs do make proper contact with the terminals..and the terminals are clean.. failing that i would certainly advise the next step would be to seek a properly qualified auto electrician to trace the fault down wiring wise...I do hope this helps
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