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pullin gone on 9-3 SAAB,

Customer Question

Good morning. i own 9-3 SAAB, with 1.9 TID (150 bhp) it`s end of 2006 Plate (56) My car`s pulling is gone between 1.5-2.5 rpm, when the turbo kiks in than its going like it should,but if i`d press accelerator between 1.5-2.5 rpm it`s sounds and feel like it`s just not working properly,you can feel some unusual engine shaking, but as i said when turbo kicks in than it goes like normaly. one day i could not get start to drive ,the engine performance was so pure on low rpm`s. it felt like i would wanted to start to drive on a third gear,while it was a first one. and as i said,when it goes over 2.5 rpm`s it`s performing perfectly, it`s just pulling from the start is gone suddenly. It gets bit better when engine is properly hot, but still not good and while its cold it`s even more terrible. when i`m driving home,i`ve got a turn and hill to go in, before when i turn in to on second gear and press accelerator flat,till i reach up of the hill car was eccelarating great and usualy reached 3.500 rpm. But now when im trying to do the same thing on the same hill ,second gear, it`s just feels like i`m going in to it with hand brake on and it`s can`t reach more than 2000 rpm... and it goes so slow until it reaching 2.500rpm  than turbo properly kicks in ,than it getting pulling back. but on low rpm it`s just terrible.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car