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Hi My Chevrolet Captiva has had a fault light showing for

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Hi ***** has had a fault light showing for the last day and I can't find it in the book to be able to diagnose it. It is Yellow and is not an easy picture to describe, but here goes, it's like a column with a parachute coming out of the side (!!), any ideas please?


Hopefully i can help..

Is this warning light your seeing below?

What engine do you have exactly?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert

That is the picture !!! I have a 2.0 diesel



Hi..there thanks for your reply.. I Just noted that Justanswer support sent me your picture you sent in to confirm.many thanks

Ok..that light is to do with your DPF "Diesel Particulate Filter" on the exhaust,bit like a cat converter,but a dpf actually captures soot and thus the car needs to self regenerate or burn that soot off..normally this light will only come if the DPF is blocked up or driving conditions did not enable automatic cleaning/regeneration...

As long as the engine seems to run ok..

Try driving on a motorway/dual carrageway where possible..clear stretch of road for upto 25-30miles in 4th gear..keeping the revs up helps bring the temperature of the dpf up to is desired temp to burn the soot off,once you done that then light should actually go out - If that doesnt work then the next step is to have the dpf force regenerated this is done via a diagnostic machine,whilst on the machine they can check for fault codes......DPF problems like that arent too uncommon on vehicles which very rarely get used on motorways,short use as such..thats why its best to at least every fortnight to take the vehicle on a long run to ensure the dpf doesnt get to choked up with soot..its the short drives etc that doesnt allow the car to self as above give the drive method a go and see if that helps..I do hope this helps..if you need to as anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That totally makes sense Robert - I only drive about 6 miles a day in it to and from work (we live on some hills and I wanted a safe car to drive when it snows but obviously it doesn't like short trips)......... I will give it a good drive out this weekend.

Thanks very much.


Hi.there.. Julie

Yes sadly with newer diesels on low usage its not a uncommon thing to hear about..get them a lot in my garage or call outs sometimes..pretty much all diesels have these emissions filters/additive systems now...They key really is to give it good run every so often..considering the filter itself isnt exactly cheap if it requires the option to delete it from the car isnt an option now due to new MOT rules...

But thats about the only thing you can do on DIY bases yourself provided the car drives ok giving a good can get addtives such as "Cataclean" to add to your fuel tank if prefered..think halfords might sell that maybe...

But hopefully that run sorts your problem out - also please don't forget to rate my answer above most appreciated..should you need to ask anything further then just continue or look me up and I be happy to help/advise...regards Robert

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