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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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ive put screen wash in my car by mistake ithought ide picked

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ive put screen wash in my car by mistake ithought ide picked up antifreeze what do you suggest plz my car is a bmw 520i

screenwash actually makes a reasonable coolant
how much screenwash have you put in?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

3 pint bottles

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

3 pint bottles

can i still put antifreeze in over the screen wash and how much antifreeze do i need to put in thanks

that's quite a bit
you can just add antifreeze but the important thing is to ensure you've got enough frost protection there to prevent ice forming best way to do this is with a 'tester' that sucks up a small sample of the coolant and will show you if its at sufficent concentration
like this
however the best approach is to pull the bottom radiator hose off to drain the system / radiator, this won't get everything out but will about half
then refit the hose and fill back up with antifreeze concentrate and check with a tester that you have at least 35% antifreeze
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