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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Licensed diagnostic and repair technician
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Hi..My Vw Polo 2000 battery is dead. Is there any way I can

Customer Question

Hi..My Vw Polo 2000 battery is dead. Is there any way I can change it without specialist equipment ?. I would appreciate any step-by-steps. I have a replacement from Halford's available.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 3 years ago.
Ross :

Hi my name is***** a car technician and I’ll help with your question.

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :


Ross :

I can give you a step by step guide of how to correctly change your battery. You will however need access to some basic tools.

You will need a 10mm spanner or small ratchet, and a 13mm ratchet with an extension bar approximately the depth of the battery its self. Do you have these available?

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Unfortunately, I do not have specialist tools available

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Is there any thing elese

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

I can use ?

Ross :

You may be able to use a normal spanner to undo the 13mm clamp bolt which holds the battery in place. Check in your spare wheel well, there should be a small tool kit in there (usually in a black leather case) which contains a few tools, providing all the tools are still there, there should be adequate tools in here.

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

I will go and check

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Until what time you will be available ?

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :


Ross :

I will be here untill about 11pm. Just reply and i will get back to you.

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Ok....perfect! Thanks a lot for your inputs.

Ross :

No problem. just get back to me when your ready.

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :


JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

I found a 13 and 15 spanner

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

On one end it reads 13, on the other 15

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Could you describe all required steps?: I will print them out and proceed. The new battery needs to be fitted before tomorrow.

Ross :

No problem.

Firstly, some important safety precautions.

Keep the ignition keys OUT of the ignition and in your pocket - this shuts down all electrical systems on the car and prevents accidentally locking them in the car during battery reconnection

Keep both the old battery and new battery upright, they are filled with acid which can leak out.

be very carfull when disconnecting the two battery terminals that the 10mm spanner used to release the clamp bolt does not come into contact with the other battery terminal or ANY metal parts of the car - this can cause a short circuit causing the spanner to get extremely hot within seconds.

Ensure once the battery terminals are disconnected they are tucked down away so they cannot accidentally become re-connected.

JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :


JACUSTOMER-lzdetnbi- :

Have you got a step-by-step ready ?

Expert:  Ross replied 3 years ago.
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Expert:  Ross replied 3 years ago.

Step 1

If fitted (depending on model) Remove the top plastic cover, this is fitted with two clips top and bottom which you just press and pull to remove the cover, this gives access to the distribution bar and main fuses

Step 2

With a 10mm spanner, carefully release the NEGATIVE battery terminal (this is the smaller of the two) Tuck the wire clamp down beside the battery

Step 3

With the same spanner, release the POSITIVE battery terminal, this is also connected to the distribution bar on the top of the battery, you can gently pull this upwards to make more room, slacken the nut and remove the terminal, pull the bar and terminal out of the way of the battery.

Step 4

Look down to the front of the battery, there is a 13mm bolt which holds a small clamp against the bot***** *****p of the battery, this may be tight or require a gently tap to release or apply WD40 to help remove it. Once the clamp is off the battery be pulled forwards and upwards.

Step 5

Fit the new battery - ensure it is the correct way around with the positive and negative terminals facing the correct way, remove the plastic terminal covers if fitted.

Step 6

Clamp the battery down with the clamp plate and 13mm bolt, ensure its positioned correctly on the lip and tug the battery to make sure it is secure (this is an MOT requirement that the battery is secure)

Step 7

Before doing this ensure the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE terminals are correct and are not about to be connected back to front, if this is done serious damage can be caused to the cars electronics. the positive is slightly larger than the negative.

Fit the POSITIVE terminal clamp and give it a tap to make sure its pushed fully onto the terminal tighten the 10mm nut hand tight and tug the cable and terminal to ensure its tight and secure.

Step 8

Fit the NEGATIVE terminal clamp, at this point the car will be live again and its normal to get a spark as you connect it, as above, tap it down and tighten it up hand tight and check its secure.

Step 9

Re-fit plastic cover. Start the car and let it run, ideally take it for a good drive around the block (3-5 miles is best) to fully charge the new battery.

I hope this helps answer your question, just reply to me if you need further help at any point and i will be more than happy to continue my assistance, thanks, Ross.