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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Licensed diagnostic and repair technician
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amber engine warning light is on with message, reduced engine

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amber engine warning light is on with message, reduced engine power. current mileage 31k, can anyone help please.
Ross :

Hi my name is***** a car technician and I’ll help with your question.

Ross :

Sorry to hear you are having problems, Can you tell me if the engine is otherwise running well?

JACUSTOMER-mjn1z7u9- :

Hello Ross, had the vehicle since June (2nd hand 25k) on clock now 31k. Been running fine. Went out this morning on 12 mile shop trip engine appeared ok, noticed slight 'lurch' on auto gearbox when changing down. Also is it normal to hear high pitch from exhaust when engine switched off?

Ross :

Its not normal to hear a high pitched noise from the exhaust if its not running, i suspect this may be something else which is near the exhaust.

Unfortunately without main dealer equptment there is a limited amount of help i can give as the car needs to be plugged into a diagnostic system to be scanned for faults to see exactly whats happening. However i can give you general advice.

Firstly i dont think this is anything too serious, probably a simple sensor fault or issues with the diesel particulate filter.

Do you usually do short journeys or do you do a few longer trips too?

JACUSTOMER-mjn1z7u9- :

Ok, we do an average of 1 short trip per day, but also do 130 mile round trip once or twice a week.

JACUSTOMER-mjn1z7u9- :

will I be ok to drive 30 miles to nearest dealership after the xmas break. we do an average of one short run 4/5 times per week but also do 130 mile trip each week. Sometimes twice.

Ross :

That's fine. The engine dynamics will be different when in reduced power mode, you may find when you re-start the car it may go back to normal but the light stays on if the fault has gone. Its also normal for the gearbox to act differently, this is purely to prevent engine damage.

If the engine is running well and not smoking excessively, I would be happy to continue to use the car as normal until you can get to your dealership for further investigation. Avoid driving it more than necessary but if you need the car between now and getting to the dealership its perfectly safe to use.

If when driving the engine light begins flashing, or the glow plug light starts flashing with further reduced power this means the fault is active and causing possible issues in which case the car should not be used other than taking directly to the dealer, or call recovery if the engine starts to run rough. However i strongly suspect this is not going to happen and this is a relativity simple fault.

JACUSTOMER-mjn1z7u9- :

Thanks Ross for some reassurance, I will take your advice. As we don't know how the previous owner ran the car, I hope it's not going to be a new cat. converter ! I will sign off and do the rating. Merry Xmas.

Ross and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


All done, given good rating.

Many thanks John. Best of luck getting the problem sorted. Im always here if you need any further help so feel free to get back to me any time! Ross.