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Hi, I have a skoda fabia - W reg. The car was always fine,

Customer Question

I have a skoda fabia - W reg.
The car was always fine, but I recently moved back to my parents and the car is parked on a north facing driveway. There seems to be a lot of moisture inside the car and mould has started to grow inside the car.
My guess is that the seals are gone, either on the doors or windows.
How much should I expect to have to pay to get it fixed?
Many Thanks,
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Moisture/mould inside the car is sure sign that rain water or other is getting into the car - the best thing to do is check all the carpets/flooring for any damp areas - depending which windows on the car are steaming up..then those will be the areas to inspect..if it more at the front end of the car and the carpet areas are damp/wet then the first check is the scuttle drains..this is the area directly under the scuttle panel below the windscreen..these can often block up and cause rain water to seep in the floor area...You can also perform a water test on the car by closing the doors/windows and then have somebody outside the car with garden hose or watering can - go over the top of the car while your inside carefully observe exactly the point of entry the water is coming in..thats one option to track and trace this down..if your sure it is actually rain water and not washer fluid for the back window nozzle - then that will be one of things to try as above.also make and inspection of the boot seal around the top aswell as the roof panel moulding that leads from the top of the windscreen to the back also... check and nspect the rubber door seal strip so you would need to carefully check both on both doors and rear on the side of the car and see if you can spot any small tears or damage especially around the top edge where the roof or where the door meets aswell as along the bottom / also too check the both doors drain holes and rear far as cost would be hard to say considering we dont know exactly the point of water entry causing the moisture/mould build up in the have to make the checks/inspections first before even thinking about buying door seals etc.having said that doors seals arent that expensive £20-£30 and half hour to fit and they just pull off and press/slide on around the door frame...I do hope this helps