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, Stopped at traffic lights and my Renault Clio starts shuddering,

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Stopped at traffic lights and my Renault Clio starts shuddering, kinda strange sound when releasing clutch and putting into gear! Warning light flashing on and off is the coolant ... ?!!
I thought it might have been the gear shaft?
What should I do?


Hopefully i can help..

Can you describe if possible what the noise sounds like?

Is it hard to get in gear?

What shape/icon is the warning light your seeing?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dash warning light, right hand side, bot***** *****ght Robert,

Sorry Robert, just know it's not it's usual sound a bit hollower than normal if that makes sense. Only hard to put into first gear when starting, when speed up and go to 4th/5th gear starts shuddering/vibrating!! Then when topped at traffic lights/junctions continuous vibrating! When I keep her steady at around 50/60 miles seems to be okay. No other warning lights except one as shown here, aternates between flashing and staying on!

..there thanks responce..

Ok..normally that light as you may know is your engine management light..which basically means your cars ecu has logged certain fault codes that need to be retrived diagnostically the be certain of what needs to be investigated here.could very well be just a missfire..Im not to sure why that would come up consdiering i believe the fault is most likely down to the clutch id say going by your description of finding it difficualt to get it into gear etc..If its easier to get in without the engine running..then that clearly a sign that somethings up with the clutch - either faulty or worn that needs to be looked at..might also be the ckp sensor as that montiors the pulse ring on the flywheel which your clutch is bolted too if that loosing signal can throw that light say from here as first port of call is to see what these fault codes are first..maybe a mobile mechanic with good diagnostic machine might your best bet if you dont want to drive the car and see what codes you get and take it from there..that about the best way forward on this as starting point anyway..i do hope this helps...if you need to ask anything further then please continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do need to drive the car, do you think it would cause much damage if I drive today ... can't get a mechanic until tomorrow!


Considering i cant see the car it would be hard to say or not,which im sure you'll understand - but this depends on how far you need to use the car..if its short journey i dont see why not.anything longer than that then i wouldnt really advise it based on the symptoms your prevent further damage caused..but as above in regards ***** ***** previous answer that about the best way forward..regards Robert...

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