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recently had a clutch replacement on galaxy (08) now have

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hi recently had a clutch replacement on galaxy (08) now have starting issues. First crank it fires up turns over for 4-6 secs then cuts out, then it just wont fire but it turns over
Hi there ,good morning to you
Ok what engine is fitted to your Galaxy
has this fault only became apparent since the clutch was replaced
Just to confirm it fires on first crank then cuts out then will crank over and not start
Is this an intermitent fault
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi car is 1.8 diesel.... issue only began day after clutch fitted. Issue happens when i attempt to start in morning.... it always fires and then cuts out on first attempt. Subsequent attempts vary.... have started after say 3-4 attempts and sometimes i go back couple hours later to try. Once started i dont see the problem for rest of day. A friend of mine had a diagnostics meter and checked fault codes for me... no fault codes found. Return visits to garage who did clutch say they have replaced crank sensor and rebuilt ECU... but issue persists.

Hi thanks
Ok this sounds very similar to air ingress into the fuel system
The first ting to check is the drain screw on the side of the fuel filter housing
This is a white plastic screw which if disturbed can be very slightly loose (won't leak fuel but will draw over ie : overnight )
This would Beth's first check as I have seen this many times
There is also a bleed screw on the top of the filter housing ensure both these screws are fully tight
Check this firstly
Regards Brian
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