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Rob I have just changed the timing belt and water pump

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I have just changed the timing belt and water pump on a 2006 clio 1.4 16v. I followed the haynes manual job and went pretty well. i have the tool cams and the tdc pin top dead. put it all back to gether and it fired but would not run without throttle and would cut out, also sounded noiser, after that it wouldnt start. the kit i bought had two TDC pins, one at 65mm long and one at 70mm long. i used the 65mm one first and then reset it 70mm but with no difference. i then tried spinning the cams 180 degrees, did two full rotations by hand with no plugs in to ensure no valve clash etc. the car started and sounded much nicer but still wouldnt idle and was missing a bit. ive not tried the 65mm tdc pin with the rotated cams as yet. any ideas?
sorry you have had to wait reply.
This engine is timed on tdc so I would place a screw driver down no 1 cylinder which on this engine is on the right hand side and just rock the crankshaft back and forth to determine that the piston is approx. tdc the check your camshaft timing with the setting tool you have .
let me know the results.
regards rob
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks reply. Ill try that to determine the correct tdc tool. Will be tomorrow now as its dark n cold here :-) would there be anything else that could possibly cause the idle issues? I checked the fault codes with a reader but nothing was stored. I did remove the throttle housing to access the cam caps but nothing seemed out of place on refitting. Alsovthe battery was off days.

remove and refit all multi plugs on the throttle body and check the seal on it as well .
I will await your reply tomorrow evening .
regards rob
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

rob, i did the tdc test with a welding rod, and the 70mm tdc pin is the one, it is spot on. still wont run correctly sooo i removed the cam caps and checked the top end. the tool i have the cams is to thin...upon rechecking the cams are at least on tooth out each in opposite directions.. again its now dark and cold so will be the weekend when i sort it out. they are / \ rather than - - not \ \ or / /

Glad you sorted the timing and if you need more help with any problems just let me know .
regards rob
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks help, all is timed up and running lovely now, just one thing tho. The reason the timing belt change was because the wife noticed a whirring type noise that increased with engine speed. Looking through the saervice history it seemed the belt hadnt been changed in the past and at 63k miles, it was over due. On reassembly i started the car with the aux belt disconnected and was pretty silent. Aux belt back on and the whirring sound is back.. What do you think is the likely cause? belt is over the crank pully, tensioner, aircon and alternator. There doesnt seem to be a PAS pump on this car which i would normally suspect. Thanks

Doubt the crankshaft pulley is at fault the most common item left is the aux belt tensioner and the cheapest you need to try and spin them by hand and feel roughness in the bearing you will not be able to produce the noise by hand I doubt
Regards Rob
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