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Greg Szczygiel
Greg Szczygiel, UK Car Mechanic
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 12
Experience:  Vehicle technician and electrician currently working in reputable independent garage in UK. Fully acredited ATA diagnostic technician.
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how do I change the auto gearbox oil on my 2010 toyota inv

Customer Question

how do I change the auto gearbox oil on my 2010 toyota invinsible
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Greg Szczygiel replied 3 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer,my name is ***** ***** I'm looking forward to find the answer to your question.
To drain the oil make sure transmission is cold, remove left plug on the bottom of the sump.
Remove filler bung on right side of transmission (bell housing area)
Remove level bung to the right of drain plug.
Once oil has drained refit dain plug and start filling with new oil on the right side of transmission untill excess fluid will start leaking from level tube.
Refit level plug, add another 1.7 liter, refit filler plug.
Start the engine and move gear selector from P to each gear with brake pressed, stay for 3 secondes in each gear.
Return gear selector to P, switch engine off.
Repeat everything one again to allow more fresh oil in as whole amount can't be drained.
Fill the transmission with oil again.
To check the level you will need to know what is transmission fluid temperature.
Connect diagnostic scanner and check it on live data.
It should be between 36-46 deg celsius.
Start the engine and let it idle, remove filler and level plugs, if there is some oil leaking (little bit) out of level plug refit both and job done.
If there is no oil coming out, start filling more until it will start coming out through level tube.
Refit all plugs and all done.
Let me know if it helps I'm happy to assist you further.