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I have a9.3 z19dt engine could you tell me if the throttle

Customer Question

I have a9.3 z19dt engine could you tell me if the throttle body as the same type of spring loaded device. home mode how do you reset it and should the throttle flap. Return to the closed. Position. When engine is. Cold. Thanking you in advance.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 3 years ago.
Ross :

and thanks me to help you today. I am a licensed diagnostic and repair technician, I look forward to working with you.

These engines don't have a throttle body as such as its a diesel. Are you referring to the swirl control valve? This is a valve on the intake very similar to a throttle body.

JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : Yes.
JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : Yes .
Ross :

Ok, it's normal to be closed with the engine off and low engine load/rpm. This should not need re-setting as such, but they do stick sometimes which can cause problems. Can you explain exactly the problems you are having with it?

JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : Ross. I am. Getting. P1125. Code. Telling me. The throttle. Patel is faulty. Swirl control was full of carbon. Cleaned and refitted donot want. To be paying for something not needed Thanks. Smigger
Ross :

Ah OK, P1125 can be caused by poor solder connections between the plug and circuit board inside the swirl flap actuator or a faulty circuit board, if there are no obvious problems with the soldering inside the control unit on the side the part may require replacing.

JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : Ok thanks. I will checkout tomorrow. Morning. And get. Back. To. You thanks. Again
Ross :

No problem, Ross.

JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : Ross. . I am still getting code 1125with. &07e8. Could. The egr valve. Be. Sticking. And does it move in and out like a bellows Opening. And closing. Each of its. Ports. Thanks
Ross :

, P1125 is "Throttle motor - Circuit malfunction" This refers directly to the electronics within the throttle or the wiring to it. This actually makes a lot of sense and confirm that the actuator on the throttle body is at fault or the wiring. Because the soldering within these is a common problem I would start with this . 07e8 will just be the manufacture specific code fault.

The EGR valve is a poppet valve which simply moves up and down to control the EGR Flow, I don't think the EGR Will be causing this fault.

JACUSTOMER-nwq1zz7c- : O k thanks. So. You. Think. That actuator in the housing. Is at fault. And not the wiring I will check. This out. And get back to you
Ross :

Yes i think it will probably be the actuator.