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My car Air Con does not hold its refridgerant pressure. How

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My car Air Con does not hold its refridgerant pressure. How can I find the leakage point?
Hi there ,good morning to you and sorry for the delayed respone
Ok there is 3 ways in which we check for air con leaks
1, with the system fully charged we can use a special sniffer tool to detect the refrigerant gas leak (not all garages will have an electronic sniffer tool )
2, the most common method is to recharge the air con system and add a UV tracer dye then run the vehicle with the air con switched on and then using a UV light and UV googles check for leaks which will show up illuminous yellow and are easily identified using the lights and goggles
3,the most Modern way into fill the air con system with pressurised nitrogen but again most garages won't have this equipment
In my experience your fault will lie with a leaking condenser core (air con radiator )
This is located in front of the engine coolant radiator at the front of the vehicle (behind bumper )
These condensers suffer from most commonly stone chips /damage or leaks at the welds
Sometimesif you use a light you will see damp patches on the front of the condenser indicating where the leak is
The fiesta doesn't suffer from any other leak issues and I have changed many of these over the years for this exact concern
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are Completely satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
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