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My Peugeot 207cc (2007) was giving message 'remote control

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My Peugeot 207cc (2007) was giving message 'remote control battery flat' so I changed the battery, although everything still functioned. Nothing changed i.e. everything still worked but the error message was still there. I therefore reinitialized the fob according to the instruction book and now it will not start, but remote locking still works. The fob has three buttons, lock, unlock and boot. The car was recently serviced, i.e. the battery might have been disconnected but it is possible I might not have noticed this second error message for some time because I thought it was the ice warning message which is almost always present this time of year. Alternatively the error could have just occurred.


Do you have or you should have a spare key and does that work at all?

Any other messages or warnings on the dash /message centre after you replaced the battery in that fob..regardless of the PLIP battery warning....

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It behaves exactly the same with the other key fob.

On one occasion a message about a faulty air-bag flashed up, but I suspect this is a false message.


Ok.. as far as your key battery goes..replacing that shouldnt effect getting the car all that battery in the key/fob does is give power to circuit board inside the key for you to operate the central locking..thats all it does.. then you re-sync the key as per the instructions in the handbook you did first hand, done it so many times.... The fact this fault has cropped up on both keys rules out the keys being the issue here - i would find it strange for both keys to loose sync with the car immobiliser wise as far the transponder chip in both keys go...

If your only getting click when you turn the place to start here would be the main battery on the car..and make sure the terminals are fully secure..if you have mulitmeter check what voltage it has if its way below 12v then its flat and needs charged or changed depending how old it could of course try jump starting it and see if that helps..if you know anyone with jump leads,car or booster pack to see if that gets it going...

One other option is to make sure everything is off in the car,roll down the drivers window,pop the bonnet open - close all the doors - wait 3 minutes - then disconnect the battery positive terminal - leave it off for 15minutes - then reconnect the positive terminal back on - wait 2 minutes - and then try starting the car through the drivers window....

If that still doesnt work and the battery seems to be ok..then checks need to be made as per whether the starter motor is getting feed when the ignition is turned to ensure its not that at fault.aswell as checking all main earth points..if those seems to be ok..then the next check im afraid is the diagnostic route usually dealer level peugeot planet system to see whats actually gone wrong..but as above that about the best things to check and go from here next..i do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is nothing wrong with the battery because the car started OK before I reinitialised the fob. At this stage everything was working apart for the presence of the error message indicating a flat fob battery, which I now suspect was false. I could not put down the drivers window as you suggested because this now also does not work. In fact I now realise that nothing much works apart from the remote locking. I tried disconnecting the battery as you advised (I obviously could not re-start the through the driver's window) but the situation is still the same and it will not start. I think I will have to contact my garage on Monday. Thanks for your help.



Its impossible by changing the battery in the key/fob to stop all the electrics to work.i know ive done these battery changes all before and its never or prevented the car from starting unless it lost sync with the immobiliser or the immobiliser didnt recognise the key but the engine would still turn over bar start up or display immobiliser fault,the only way to know that would be to see if via diagnostics the key is recognised by the cars ecu/bsi,considering it does it on both keys.means the problem isnt with how you reinitialised cause i asume you didnt do it with the second spare key - i suspect it could be in possible economy mode in which case means the battery "could" well be suspect.need to check voltage.main earth points..have you gone through the fuses/main fuses,related to the above electrics that dont work..just be sure..

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