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Renault Laguna 1.9Dci 2006 P242C Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

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Renault Laguna 1.9Dci 2006 P242C Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Bank Sensor 3 Fault on code reader. Sensor replaced by a non Renault Garage but fault re-occurs, usually when driving at motorway speeds. PAF Filter regeneration completes OK at low speed or when idling.
Any ideas?
Hello and Welcome -
My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help...
The fault code you are getting repeatedly ( fault ) is to do with the o2 sensor circuit...or the sensor itself..
The PCM -engine management computer, monitors the "Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor" for a low voltage issue - The issue / fault arises when the sensor voltage is less than 0.10 volt for greater than 15 seconds. Some vehicles may use 0.20 volt instead of 0.10 volt..
Other than an actual faulty Ecu / pcm which is rare - then the other causes of this are as follows listed -
Faulty Exhaust Gas Temperature... as mentioned above.
- Exhaust Gas Temperature harness is open or shorted.
- Exhaust Gas Temperature circuit poor electrical connection.
Now the two latter issues are very common - detailed electric checks need doing on the circuit for such faults...
IF no such faults are found - suspect the sensor itself ...even though its new.. it does happen.. Its important to replace this sensor with a genuine Renault one or the likes of a Bosch or NGK... not a cheaper "universal" type.. as they cause on going faults so just check on that too.
The other thing that can be done is to have "live data " tests done - this needs to be done with genuine Renault or high end diagnostic equipment to get the proper results.
One way or the other - working through as above will see this cured for you.
Im very pleased to have helped you - Do let me know if you need anything more --
*** Meanwhile - - >>>> Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me - Thank you in advance for that...
You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..
If you do respond needing more help - I will get back to you asap.
Kind Rgds, MIKE.
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